Orangeburg Massacre 1968

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Orangeburg Massacre Photo Gallery
  <p class=Samuel Hammond, 18

" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/Hamond copy 1.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Henry Smith, 18" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/3-Smith3.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Delano Middleton, 17" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/Middleton-2.jpg.jpg"/>
State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Chief Pete Strom meets with law enforcement officers and Columbia magazine editor Nathaniel Abraham in Orangeburg the night of the shootings, 02-08-1968.<br />
South Carolina National Guard troops march in Orangeburg, S.C. the night of the " src="images/rsgallery/thumb/022_ORANGEBURG_NATIONAL_GUARD.jpg.jpg"/>
    <p class=National Guard troops at a roadblock in Orangeburg, S.C., 02-10-1968

" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/023_ORANGEBURG_ROADBLOCK.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Firemen put out a bonfire on Watson Street at S.C. State College during Orangeburg demonstrations, 02-08-1968" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/019_ORANGEBURG_FIREMEN_AT_DEMON.jpg.jpg"/>
Area Layout Map
Facility Map
A student is loaded onto gurney next to the bonfire, after highway patrolmen opened fire into a crowd of protesters on the S.C. State College campus in Orangeburg, S.C. on 02-08-1968<br />
<span style=Cleveland Sellers with highway patrolmen, 02-08-68." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/cleveandguards.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Demonstration against the "Orangeburg Massacre" at the State House in Columbia, S.C. on 03-13-1968" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/027_POST_ORANGEBURG_DEMONSTR.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Demonstrations on Gervais Street in Columbia protesting the "Orangeburg Massacre," 03-13-1968" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/026_POST_ORANGEBURG_DEMONSTR.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Survivors Cleveland Sellers (right) and John Stroman pay their respects at a 2000 memorial in Orangeburg." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/OBMassacre2000-.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Cleveland Sellers’ mugshot, 1970." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/clevemugshot.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Cleveland with his family during a prison visit." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/clevebabygirlwifeprison.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Cleveland Sellers stands beside the historic marker on the S.C. State University campus at the 2000 Orangeburg memorial." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/SellersOrbgMass-BW-Small.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Cleveland Sellers and son, Bakari, at an Orangeburg memorial ceremony. " src="images/rsgallery/thumb/cleveandbakariatceremony.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Historic marker on S.C. State University campus" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/oburgmarker.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=A collage featuring images from the events surrounding the Orangeburg Massacre, designed by Cecil Williams and used for the cover of his new book, Orangeburg 1968." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/ThreeFlags-Clemson.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Demonstrations on Gervais Street in Columbia protesting the "Orangeburg Massacre," 03-13-1968" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/02_POST_ORANGEBURG_DEMONSTR.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=Gov. Robert E. McNair Meets in his office with demonstrators protesting the Orangeburg Massacre, 03-13-1968" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/028_GOV_MCNAIR_MEETS_ORANGEBURG.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=First published in 1970, The Orangeburg Massacre is still considered the most thorough and accurate account of the events of 1968." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/bookcover.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=A student at S.C. State College at the first memorial service for the "Orangeburg Massacre"" src="images/rsgallery/thumb/029_ORANGEBURG_MEMORIAL_SERVICE.jpg.jpg"/>
<span style=At the first memorial in February of 1968, students and community residents stand behind wreaths honoring the three young men slain in Orangeburg." src="images/rsgallery/thumb/Orbg. Massc. 1st Mem.jpg.jpg"/>
Photos can be downloaded at full-size, print-ready resolution.  Permission is granted to people and news organizations who wish to use these images for the purpose of publishing and disseminating this story.
Several S.C. State College students including (L-R) Ken Jeffers, Leroy Butler, an unknown man, K Johnson and Arthur Moses (not pictured) ran from Orangeburg to the State House in Columbia in protest of the Orangeburg Massacre.
The All Star Bowling Lanes building in Orangeburg is now vacant.
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